O nás

Ohe Retiretmnet Home and Social Services Home for Adults in Holíč is founded by the Trnava Self-Governing Region as its budgetary organization.

Scope of activities:

- provisoin of social services in facility - social services home, year-round form of stay, capacity of 78 beds
- provision of social services in facility - specialized facility, year-round form of stay, capacity of 40 beds and outpatient form of stay with capacity of 5
- providing social services in facility - facility for seniors, year-round form of stay, capacity of 40 beds

Target groups are:
1. Natural persons who have reached retirement age and are dependent on the help of another person (facility for seniors)
2. Adults with different types of disabilities and their combinations. The most common diagnosis of our social service recipients are various types of schizofrenia, mental disabilities from mild to severe degree (social services home)
3. Individuals with disabilities such as Alzheimers disease and other types of dementia (specialized facility).

Our strategic vision is to achieve a balanced position among all stakeholders, to be dynamic towards their requirements, to increase the satisfaction of our social service recipients and teir family members with services provided, to motivate employees, to achieve stability and to manage budget appropriately.
We accept that every social service recipient is unique and vulnerable and has his/her needs and requirement.
Our mission is to provide social services according to Act no. 448/2008 Coll. on social services, as amended. and to perform professional, service and other activities to the extent stipulated by law, for the various types of social services we provide.

The plan of provided social services represents a systematic assurance and continuous improvement of quality by introducing a process approach to the management of the organization.
This is governed by the following principles:
- Social service recipient is a top priority in all activities for the organization.
- Certaininty of the social service recipient as well as our certainity is the satisfaction of his/her needs.
- The quality of the services provided is an important factor in the competitivness of the organization.
- Knowing the requirements, needs of social service recipients and cooperation with social services recipients brings us together and strengthens our relationships.
- Within the cooperation we trust each other and respect ethical principles.
- Health security is a top priority in the provision of social services.
- Taking care of our employees, their professional growth and continuous education is our priority.
- Transparent reliationship in the workplace create the necessary, pleasant and creative atmosphere for work.

We meet the requirements and continually improve the efficiency of the quality management system.

Quality objectives:
- To ensure and comply withe the maximum number of social service recipients per one employee and a minimum percentage of professional employees in the total number of employees by the 31.12.2019.
- To meed and adhere to the quality conditions of the provided social services for the purposes of the MoLSAF SR evaluation under the Annex no. 2 of the Act no. 448/2008 Coll. on social services as amended by 31.08.2019
- In teh course of 2020 to participate in the national program "Deinstitutionalization of social services facilities - support of transformation teams" and at the same time to develop a transformation plan for the approval of the MoLSAF SR by 31.12.2022
- To create conditions for recertification of the Basal Stimulation workplace as of 05.10.2020.
- Develop the quality management system and create conditions for workplace recertification as of November 20., 2021.